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Poems for Amanda

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Здесь выкладываем стихи собственного сочинение посвещённые Аманде на английском языке.

Вот одно из моих. Хочу огромное спасибо сказать Sajfer, за то что он перевёл мой стих на английский язык
For Amanda
She gets inside, divine, as fairy.
In eyes of hers - spring, in pace - the sky.
It cant be real : in dreams about her,
It cant be more real - now, she's mine.

The Lovely sonnets of Petrarhs
And syllable of Dante's great.
The lots of poems have been written
And I did ,like I felt, I made.

Or cheerfully, or wisely frown.
Not by the grudge then she was burned.
Not Cleoratra, but Laura -
She is delightful by her own!

Sweet,credulous, impassioned.
Laughs on her lips, the tar or copper...
You're very beautiful Laura.
...Just take a tiny look at her!

Many thanks to Sajfer for translation from Russian.



Quiet. Night.
Its dark around. My sleep can not stay.
Stars are watching me thought window,
Setting me the way.

Place, where you are at the moment
Having peaceful dream.
I will come to you my darling,
With this lovely stream.

Slowly slink inside your dreaming
And I’ll stay right there .
And at least we’ll be together
In your dreams, like pair.

Many thanks to Sajfer for translation from Russian.



Again I got intoxicated
By watching in your lovely eyes.
I wish I could do love you more but
I couldn’t though had a lot of tries.

I can not get to know you better
A tiny trifle makes us really stuck.
“Don’t go away”- I want to shout to you when
You are making only one step back.

Who were we, what will happened with us
What we will lose or maybe we’ll acquire.
Don’t say a word. We’re only human beings.
Apart, but universe - together and it’s pure.

So let the chance to comfort us and fool us
But waves are not a hindrance for a ship.
Hold on me, love, have pity, torture -
So every day I love you more and I will keep.

Many thanks to Sajfer for translation from Russian.




You’re Elf with young leafage colored eyes,
You’re Bird, You’re the closest friend of wind.
You’re daughter of the sun and sister of the moon.
In wave of hair precious stones are shining.

You do believe in animal’s voices,
And let unweave your tress indeed
You’re the muse for hundred thoughts
With you, Autumn wont bring sadness bleed

You are the sun, it always warm with you
Your smile is blowing away all clouds
And for you, my beloved and darling,
Definitely, I will be better!

Many thanks to Sajfer for translation from Russian.



If you won’t say anything,
Then you are busy. Work’s on…
My fingers afraid of buttons.
They don’t remember the warm.

The real, alife touches,
That could never get heat away.
It’s alright. Your number is busy.
It cant be the other way.

I should better work a little,
But I cant find good time for that.
I am here for nothing, pointless.
In this numb bunch of papers, sad.

For those white sheets of doc files,
And for sells of  tables Excel.
You’re not righting, its fine, its normal.
You don’t have time, just lazy for well.

You are saying the same phrases,
Like, its so hot here all the time.
And don’t do this, cuz you don’t want it.
You are not crazy in love with shine…

You ain’t crazy walking by edges,
Like by walls, then trying to avoid all.
It’s so hot there, I know for real.
But here we have the deepest snow.

We have wind, that will never stop here.
We have roads covered by ice.
And no one goes to nobody,
And no one waits for someone’s advice.

And it wont be in the last stanza,
That could  be there without a beat.
Say goodbye, push the dot button.
Edit something,  just delete.

Many thanks to Sajfer for translation from Russian.



И так мое первое сочинение для Аманды...
( Well, that's my first one for you, Amanda )

What if we have something in common?
What if we have the better taste?
Than all this bitter, silent people,
Than all this world, that gone in waste.

With you, I feel the purest rapture
And miles between us will never kill.
I’ll pray for you, while thunder’s screaming,
Then lightning’s smiling, I’ll be still.

Отредактировано Sajfer (2008-07-22 10:55:41)



Вот это да, дружище! Респект тебе! Такое сочинить, молодец. Действительно очень круто, а главное смысл.
Очень глубоко, чувствуется. Долго писал?



Yury,  да за 2 минуты +)... прилив эмоций у меня сегодня...



а можешь кинуть русский вариант стиха в другой теме?



LOKO73,  а нет русского варианта.. писал сразу на английском... +)



Sajfer, понятненько) Думаю что на английском он звучит красиво. " Я так думаю..."(с)



I have an ice piece in my soul,
There is a crystal water's washing up my heart.
Around I hear your dreary voice,
It tourments soul and grows my thoughts apart.

Eventually, my fate is here,
And wollen ball of nerves will blow up, cause of offence.
Your line of destiny comes close
And opens up the door of heart by key of imaginary freedom.

Отредактировано Sajfer (2008-10-24 14:29:54)



Очень круто, приятель! Как и всегда.
Так держать!



Стихотворение хорошее. Хотя я до словно не перевёл его, но смысл и идею понял.



Кто-то может перевести мои на английский?



Поверь мне, фанАманды, свои стихи ты можешь перевести и сам. Просто забей их в ПРОМТ. Уверяю тебя, в твоём случае адекватность перевода будет 100-процентной!


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